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Wafo's new High-End Compounder

35-years experience in design, construction and production placed the standard for our innovative, quality product.

25 years processtechnique know-how solves also your application-problem.

Production-Quality and Outputpower on highest level for every operative range.

Technical Data

Output Performance



You expect from a Compounder...

  • Future-Orientated
  • Efficiency
  • Stability
  • High availability
  • Flexibility
  • Top quality of the Compound
  • Low-Maintenance

Things in which we will place standard for you.

Problem-solutions, customer nearness and service is our uppermost order. We look forward to a conversation.

Even for your application we have the best solution.


Barrelelement with wearresistant liner.
Bimetallic centrifugal machine.

Standard Terms and Conditions for the Sale and Production of Goods
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